“Triangles” on Buzzsprout!

As of this morning, “Triangles” will be hosted on Buzzsprout. I’m going to learn my way around, then I’ll start uploading episodes. Buzzsprout came highly recommended as a great place to get started in podcasting, so I’m very excited to have them as our podcast host. Look for episodes to “sprout” in the very near future!


This is the official site for the documentary podcast series “Triangles: The Life and Times of an NFL Original Team.” “Triangles” tells the story of the Dayton Triangles, a founding member of the National Football League, from its origins as a local semi-pro team through its 25th anniversary. Season 1 wrapped up July 11, 2019, with Season 2 slated to premiere in August. For more info, please check the About page. Please check back often for news and upcoming episodes. You can find episodes by clicking “Episodes” in the top menu, or get caught up on Season 1 by clicking “Listen.”