Season 1, Episode 3: Coming of Age (Part One) – Preview

Season 1, Episode 3, “Coming of Age (Part One)” begins the story of how the Saint Mary’s Cadets, predecessors of NFL founding team the Dayton Triangles, became champions of local independent football. Full episodes of the podcast will be available to stream Thursday evening, May 23, 2019.

Triangle Park Burial Ground Survey: Some Historical Perspective (Opinion)

Reports in the local media indicate that planned construction of a new turf football field at Triangle Park in Dayton is on hold. The National Football League had committed funds to put in the new field in commemoration of the 100th NFL season and the 100th anniversary of the first game between league teams, played at the park on October 3, 1920. There’s a problem, though. Guy Jones, a Native American, has brought forward evidence that the site may be a Native American burial ground.

Based on past history, Mr. Jones has cause for concern.

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